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Combining the energy of a start-up accelerator and imagination of an innovation lab, Transition Hub offers you a place to connect, learn and recalibrate as you plan your move from now to next.

Sitting within the modern marketplace of a thriving co-working space, Transition Hub welcomes corporate professionals, transitioning athletes and return to work professionals into a curated transition journey that brings a personal approach to professional development, unlike any other.

Over 7 intensive weeks, you will shift from surviving to thriving as you take control of your career, gain new skills, foster meaningful relationships and explore new opportunities. Starting with an immersive 5-day shared learning experience, you’ll focus on personal and professional development as you enhance your self-awareness, identify your transferable skills and gain immediate access to new networks. Guided support over the following 6-weeks will help you develop the practical skills needed to ignite your future, as you explore strategies to build and promote brand ‘you’.

But, most importantly, Transition Hub gives you a place to belong, a place to feel empowered and a place to create new possibilities.

With a holistic focus on personal and professional growth, our global team of transition hub coaches embrace diversity, creativity and flexibility as guiding principles. With experts drawn from business, communication, psychology, elite sport and the performing arts, our coaches bring passion, energy and authenticity to all we do.

Becoming part of our transition hub community invites you into our global eco-system and connects you to opportunities across the career landscape that you may not have even imagined.