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Develop a branded learning experience and tiered career path for Sales, Relationship and Product Managers across APAC.

Company Background

A global corporate and investment bank with over 200,000 employees doing business in more than 160 countries. In 2009, we were commissioned by the Head of Trade and Treasury Solutions Asia to develop a branded training experience to recognise and elevate the professional skills, client-centricity and career progression of all sales, relationship management and product specialists in 15 countries across APAC.

Key Business Challenge

How do we attract and retain the best professional bankers to provide a superior customer experience and deliver our brand to market?

The Backstory

Having worked with this organisation since 2005, we deeply understood their people, culture and brand attributes. Our solution was to create a 3-tiered curriculum to map and meet development needs throughout a professional banker’s career.  Bringing together soft skills with traditional technical product learning and external accreditations, this series successfully developed leaders as coaches, bankers as client advocates and subject matter experts as sort after advisers. 

Tier 1

Well known for our unique Train-The-Trainer methodology, 35 bankers were invited to attend a 5-day immersive development accelerator with 5 senior HPC coaches to learn the Tier 1 program. Our TTT weeks are transformative and come with recognition, increased visibility and an in-depth focus on leadership, communication, presentation, and facilitation skills. The champions became role-models and change agents, paying it forward to over 2000 employees in 15 countries across APAC.

Tier 2

This 3-day dynamic learning academy was delivered to an invited group of mid-career leaders across 10 countries in Asia, with 250 sales professionals graduating in total. The Tier 2 program focused on holistic solution selling including client engagement, understanding client needs and customising solutions. Culminating in a ‘live’ client challenge, participants had the opportunity to apply the learning and receive feedback from a selection of clients and senior leaders.

Tier 3

Targeting high-performers, this reward and recognition program focused on C-Suite influence, personal brand and high-level client engagement skills. Being selected for the Tier 3 program recognised MDs and soon to be appointed MDs, reinforcing their responsibility to lead and instil brand values from the top.  

Outcomes Achieved

With over 2500 participants engaged across 3 development tiers in APAC, the Professional Series curriculum was an industry first, consolidating a prestigious brand position in the market and achieving a positive uplift in employee engagement scores, retention and career progression. 

Let us help you create the ultimate employee experience.

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