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Create an APAC-wide program to recognise AVP level women enabling them to develop their professional edge, support career progression and increase retention.

Company Background

A multinational corporate and investment bank headquartered in the USA with over 200,000 employees doing business in more than 160 countries. In 2017, we won a competitive selection process to design and deliver a program to support AVP level women across APAC to develop the skills needed to maximise personal impact, increase professional visibility and navigate the competing demands of work and life.

Key Business Challenge

How can we retain mid-career female talent by making it easier for them to stay invested in their career as they navigate life responsibilities, personal decisions and professional ambition.

The Backstory

To understand the complexity of the issues facing women at this point in their careers, we conducted focus groups with AVP and VP level women. These insights informed the creation of a series of 2-day pilot programs, spanning personal development, professional skills, networking, and inspiring personal leadership stories from senior women. Coaching and development is reinforced through a series of momentum initiatives designed to keep each cohort connected as they embed new skills and celebrate successes. Following the successful pilot, this program has become the reward and recognition opportunity for AVP women, delivered in-country and virtually throughout 2020 and 2021.

Outcomes Achieved

Over the past 5 years, this holistic career development experience has positively impacted over 1500 AVP level women who are progressing as leaders throughout the organisation and becoming active role models for the young women following in their footsteps.

Let us help you create the ultimate employee experience.

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