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Design and deliver a global upskilling program focused on people skills, confidence and customer engagement.

Company Background: 

A global bank with thousands of service professionals servicing millions of clients across all industries and regions. In 2006, Client Delivery was seen as an entry level step into a career with the organisation. We were commissioned to develop a suite of programs to drive progression and retention, recognising service and implementation as valuable career paths within this global business.

Key Business Challenge: 

How can we engage, upskill and support people to build a long-term career within Client Delivery?

The Back Story: 


Beginning with a highly successful pilot program in APAC, we leveraged our Train-The-Trainer approach to develop 25 internal culture champions who cascaded a personal development program to 1000 service professionals across 17 countries. Following this success, we were invited to train another 75 champions across EMEA, North America and LATAM. Phase 1 rolled out globally to 5000 client service employees in 2006 and 2007. 

In 2008, we accredited a further 100 culture champions to expand the global roll-out to an additional 5000 employees within the Implementation and Documentation teams, delivering a tailored version of the original program. 

In 2009, we expanded the curriculum to include two advanced programs focused on building client confidence and executive presence for team managers and senior leaders.

Concurrently, from 2006 - 2010, an exciting opportunity was created, encouraging high performing employees to strive for inclusion in Top 100 events across Asia, EMEA, Nth America and LATAM.  Focused on leadership, performance and client engagement, participation in these reward and recognition events was a career highlight.

Outcomes Achieved:

Over 6 years, we impacted over 10,000 Client Delivery employees globally, creating a wave of positive momentum that had an unprecedented impact on ‘Voice of the Employee’ and ‘Voice of the Customer’ scores in every region around the world. Client Delivery became known as a place to build confidence, develop skills and carve out a long-term career.

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