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Industry-wide Future Leaders Forum launched to activate change-makers and prepare people for the future of work.

Company Background: 

Transition Hub’s FLF brought together leaders, managers and entrepreneurs from a cross-section of industries including finance and banking, insurance, automotive and sport to share insight, collaborate and build the skills needed to embrace the future of work and lead their teams through change. 

Key Business Challenge: 

How do we help leaders develop the skills, mindset and confidence to become active change-makers and engaging communicators of the future.

The Back Story: 

Focusing on the fundamental human skills essential for success in the future of work, we invited 30 cross-industry professionals into an innovative 5-day immersive development program. Working with 5 specialist coaches, participants developed self-awareness and skills to enhance their leadership impact, communication skills, career self-management, wellbeing and performance.

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Outcomes Achieved:

Dean Mumm

Head of New Employer Services
The Recovre Group
Mercer Marsh McLennan


‘As a former Captain of the Australian Wallabies, I learnt the skills I have accrued in the past are inherently valuable to my future. I have gained confidence in pursuing my strengths, and I now realise that the future of work is incredibly optimistic if you have a vision of what it might look like for you.’ 

Sarah Skold    
Customer Insights Manager
Macquarie Bank


‘Thanks Transition Hub!! It was such a fantastic chance and wonderful opportunity to step back from my existing career path and assess a very different approach, which I am absolutely loving. I’m forever grateful that the stars aligned!’

Duco van Breeman
CEO, Haymarket HQ


‘The Transition Hub team were highly organised, professional and managed to create a program that not only challenged me, but set me on a course of professional development and helped me raise my personal awareness to become a better leader’.


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