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A future of work hub in the heart of the city.

Industry-wide Transition Hub brings diverse cohorts of cross-industry leaders together for a dynamic development week to connect, collaborate and innovate.

Launching at WeWork in February 2022, this unique first to market industry collaboration will increase the performance, engagement, and future readiness of your leaders.

Transition Hub welcomes senior leaders, middle managers, future leaders, HIPOs and rising female talent into a shared 5-day immersive learning experience with 5 expert coaches.

With a focus on personal leadership, communication skills, career management, wellbeing and performance, the program is delivered standalone, in-person or virtually, or extended through masterclasses and executive coaching to maximise impact and ensure lasting change.


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Transition Hub’s immersive 5-day experience increases performance, engagement and future readiness

5 expert coaches | 30 committed leaders | 5 immersive days


personal leadership​

  • Developing Presence

  • Personal Impact

  • Professional Brand

  • Authenticity

skills for change

  • Accelerating Your Career

  • Thinking on Your Feet

  • Activating Your Interpersonal Skills

  • Positive Mindset and Wellbeing

inspiring confidence

  • Storytelling

  • Presentation Skills

  • Pitch Confidence

  • T-Hub Ecosystem

identifying my strengths

  • Values, Strengths and Skills

  • Psychology of Change

  • Positioning and Networking

  • Power of Possibility

future you

  • Leadership Impact in Action

  • Getting Social

  • Video Skills

  • Future of Work Roundtables

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Transition Hub masterclasses enable integrated micro-learning

Our masterclasses embed behaviour change, capability development and connectivity through a coach-led active learning experience anchored in topics aligned to leadership, communication, career self-management and resilience.

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Transition Hub coaching powers your leaders

Organisations committed to shaping a future ready workforce recognise the value of individual and group coaching to build outstanding leaders, realise organisational strategy and ensure the wellbeing of key talent.

Transition Hub's Virtual Immersive Experience:

 We've taken the best of our signature 5-day immersive and adapted a virtual experience.

  • National, local, global cohorts sharing the same unique, dynamic experience

  • Facilitated active learning led by expert coaches

  • Tailored to your cohort's unique development needs

  • Real-time immersion, breakout groups, action planning

  • Interactive, experiential and collaborative group sessions and coaching circles

  • Outcomes focused, channelling actions and ongoing applied learning

  • Maximises talent mobility for high-fit, future skills and strong performance

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