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Join Our Team

We welcome enquiries from experienced coaches who would like to become part of a vibrant global community, dynamic learning experience and inspiring workplace.

Coach Roles

Transition Hub takes a holistic approach to career transition, spanning personal impact, communication, performance, career skills and wellbeing to create a transformative learning experience.


As part of our delivery team, you will join a 5-person ensemble working with up to 30 participants. This high coach to participant ratio ensures individual focus, personal depth and psychological safety.

Personal Brand

The Personal Brand Coach operates as the lead coach, anchoring Foundation Week and creating a unifying thread through the week. Their role is to ensure the program runs smoothly from both a participant experience and logistics point of view as well as a specialist coach in personal presence, impact and brand. Admin/ coordinator works with lead coach for decisions and guidance.

Communication Coach

The Communication Coach brings a practical business focus to the communication skills being taught, delivering key modules on personal influence, positioning and presentation skills. Ideal background is business, sales, with expertise in presentation and leadership.

Performance Coach

The Performance Coach brings a theatrical element to Foundation week, focusing on the personal skills that maximise professional impact including physical and vocal presence, creative thinking and improvisation. Ideal background is stage, theatre, drama, dance, performance with the ability to bring context to performance in business and life.


The Wellbeing Coach draws on their expertise in mind/body psychology to help participants embrace career change as an opportunity for personal growth. Ideal background includes coaching psychology, Clifton Strengths accredited, mindfulness practitioner, yoga teacher, counselor, mentor.


The Career Coach works with participants to bring focus and clarity to career transition by helping them explore new career opportunities that align with their values, skills and passions. Ideal background includes recruitment, Human Resources, learning and development, adult education.

Coach Accreditation

After an initial ‘get to know you’ period, you will be invited to attend the ‘Reimagine Your Future’ 5-day Foundation Week program as a cohort participant. Progressing to our 5-day coach accreditation program is by invitation only and based on personal and professional alignment with Transition Hub’s vision, values and growth strategy. Mentoring support is provided throughout the coach accreditation journey.

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