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Mental Health & Wellbeing in the Future of Work

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

At the heart of Transition Hub is a human solution to an upcoming human challenge around the Future of Work. Conversations with our client base have changed as the rise of AI and automation bring with them a very real fear of the future work potential of many individuals across the world. Many roles that today seem certain will change and evolve and this will need a human shift in culture that will leave many individuals feeling anxious and alienated. As discussions around mental health and wellbeing become more ubiquitous we must think about the impact on both for many, many people as their workplaces and their jobs change and we enter into this next chapter. Preparation for the massive shift in mentality and culture that the humans whose jobs are being disrupted will need to be undertaken. As more and more people become self-employed, as many positions and companies become extinct, there will be a societal vulnerability that must be considered. The Future of Work movement has a potential human problem right at its core that could affect the psychological and social wellbeing of many people across the world. For previous generations of professionals who did not grow up with a social and professional network at the click of a button, navigating this new landscape will likely be a challenge. Those who entered into careers that felt stable and structured and who were on a career path that was largely predetermined by their employers may find this brave new world to be somewhat elusive. Many will be concerned about where to find their place and their purpose. In terms of physical place and a sense of belonging, it’s clear why Transition Hub have chosen to partner with WeWork across the world. The importance of community and of having a place to gather and to feel connected must not be underestimated. As more and more people become self-employed, work in smaller and smaller teams and/or work flexibly and remotely in their roles a dynamic place to gather seems essential to me. WeWork’s focus on community and exchange makes them the perfect host for us as we scale Transition Hub out across the world. Wellbeing and a sense of mental wellness is also reliant on feeling purpose in your life. As people’s roles and professions need to be reimagined they will be facing psychological stress as this change will have implications on their wellbeing, their finances and that of their families also. Transition Hub will be taking a holistic view of individuals and their goals helping to plug them into various forms of structured support and guidance that will include their physical and mental wellbeing as we work with individuals to find their unique and transferable soft skills as they move from their past professional selves into their very own future of work.

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