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A World in Transition: Alumni Success Stories - Samantha Wells

Samantha Wells: Olympic Freestyle Aerial Skier

What was your role/were your roles before attending Transition Hub?

Olympic Athlete; Freestyle Aerial Skiing

What brought you to Transition Hub?

After retiring from elite sport, I was unclear in the direction that I wanted to take in life after sport, even after completing an undergraduate degree! A fellow Olympian recommended Transition Hub.

What was a highlight moment of the week for you?

The highlight moment of the week was discovering that some of the things I had been listing as my skills and strengths on my resumé were actually classic career traps for me, as I am only very good at these things because I HAD to be as an athlete, not because I enjoy/feel satisfied doing them.

How did Transition Hub challenge you?

I was challenged to question each aspect of myself as a professional, from the strengths and skills I have, to the kinds of conversations I am having and with whom, to the way I present myself and the way I envision my future.

What has changed for you professionally since your Foundation Week experience?

I am now able to define my skills and strengths and who I am as a professional. I am more thoughtful and strategic in how I present myself and communicate. And most importantly, I have come away from Transition Hub Foundation Week able to define my professional plan and felt confident in executing this plan.

Since completing my Foundation Week, I dove head-first into a number of small-time roles which allowed me to solidify my key area of interest. As a result of this, I have re-enrolled in University to complete a Graduate Diploma, which has opened opportunities to work in my area of interest and to the life I want to live.

I have also launched a private coaching practice with workshops on ‘Setting Goals like an Olympian’ and ‘Overcoming Obstacles’. The workshops are the 'side-hustle’ to my career in Environmental Health. I am loving the way my life is unfolding!

What is the most valuable aspect of Transition Hub for someone going through a career change?

Transition Hub offers the time and the space, free from distractions, for complete professional self-reflection. The presence of others in the group from various backgrounds allows access to perspectives you may have never considered before. The various leaders and coaches have all experienced their own transitions and have helped many others to navigate transitions.

What learnings from Transition Hub have you applied in your current work/life?

I am very aware of my own communication style and that of others and keep this in mind when communicating. I am conscious of my physical presence and appearance when presenting. I make conscious and deliberate professional decisions. I always remember to rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!

How would you now define yourself in a professional sense?

I would define myself as an ‘early or emerging expert’.

How would you describe Transition Hub to someone considering attending?

An unbelievable and inspiring week of self-discovery, definition and understanding.

What can organisations gain by giving their talent the opportunity to attend Transition Hub?

A workforce of conscious communicators who are clear on who they are, inspired by who they want to be, and motivated to add value to your organisation.

Alumni & author bio: Samantha Wells is an Olympic Freestyle Aerial Skier and coach, presenting workshops for adults on overcoming obstacles, high performance mindset and setting goals, delivered alongside her career in Environmental Health.


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