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A World in Transition: Insights from Transition Hub - From Words to Action

Over the last 6 months, we have posted 50 articles, twice weekly, sharing insights and ideas from our coaches, ambassadors, and cohorts of Transition Hub. We have featured every aspect of this holistic development week, which is delivered by teams of specialist coaches, all trained by HPC.

Our first 'A World in Transition' article:

Right now, transition is on everyone’s mind. Jobs across all industries are changing, if not disappearing. The challenge is to identify one’s transferable skills and to reimagine them into a new role, potentially within a different industry, solving a new problem. Tackling this in isolation is not only uninspiring, but also limiting, as bigger and broader networks are required to connect into new opportunities. Not everyone has access to a supportive, collective experience such as Transition Hub, so we are on a mission to change that.

Many of you have worked with us around the world over the last 15 years, and you will recognise our signature High Performance Coaching advice and techniques that we’ve woven into the Transition Hub program. Our global experience has reinforced that personal skills really drive professional impact, and we know how to scale personal development.

In recent years, we’ve heard more about digital transformation than personal transformation, and yet the biggest concern facing leaders right now is how to prepare their workforce of today for the jobs of tomorrow. Transition needs a new global solution for all levels of workers, as the race to automate has accelerated faster than expected, given Covid-19.

The path to a safe, successful future of work Upskilling and reskilling need to become part of every organisation’s strategy and measured by the number of humans who successfully make the transition into the new economy. What we realise is, it’s the career conversations that connect and guide people into purposeful learning, taking into consideration their values, strengths, and key transferable skills. There is no longer a case for outplacement services which focus on a CV, highlighting previous work experience. What is needed today, is a process of reimagination within a team environment.

Transition Hub is built on the premise that together, we can build the future.

People need new networks, fresh ideas, and direction which can come from leaders as coaches, colleagues as cohorts and a healthy dose of listening and understanding. None of this is easy, so why is it made so much harder, when people are dismissed without warning or preparation? If we have a legal requirement to manage people like they do not matter, then let’s change that outdated practice before we lose generations of people to the emerging mental health epidemic.

From here, we are turning our focus to work with organisations who are ready to play their part in the upskilling and transition movement. We will train your leaders to become transition coaches, so that you can host in-house Transition Hubs on a regular basis.

Not only will you address employee engagement, mental health, new leadership and psychological safety within your organisation, but you will bring focus to your brand as an organisation who contributes to people, and whether they remain with you or they move on, they’ll be ready for the future.

To become a Transition Hub Organisation, please contact Holly Bartter to learn how.


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