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A Time of Global Transition

Over the past month, we’ve witnessed the adaptability of communities around the world coming together to flatten the curve and slow the spread of COVID-19. We are all communicating in new ways, contributing to the support and care of others, and making the personal sacrifices needed to ensure we come through this epidemic with strength and solidarity. For many, the biggest change has been to our working lives, businesses and careers, which have been radically transformed as a result of this crisis. As many of you know, Transition Hub evolved from High Performance Coaching, our global personal and professional development business known around the world for over 15 years. Throughout this time, our impact has always come from the magic that occurs in a group setting, where the learning experience is shared, networks flourish and the best is brought out in one another. So, as with many junctures in life, there is a choice to be made in how we respond when all that we know is challenged. That is the very nature of transition. At Transition Hub, we are taking our own advice and finding new and creative ways to deliver our programs and engage our talented team of more than 60 Transition Hub coaches. Collectively, we have a wealth of knowledge to share at a time when people are seeking inspiration and guidance to help them refresh and recalibrate. Over the past couple of years, we have considered the future of work an opportunity to reset humanity, and workplace experts, career specialists and leaders alike are echoing our sentiments at this time. Amidst adversity often comes opportunity, so we have collectively been given the space to pause, to consider our day-to-day, and to re-evaluate the contribution we make in our roles as professionals, as parents and as citizens. This is an opportunity to make improvements, and most importantly, consider how to bring greater meaning to our personal and professional lives. To further support our community, we are transferring a number of our skills-based programs to an online delivery format in the coming months, so that we can continue to help our clients invest in their people. Additionally, our coaches are coming together to contribute a range of thought leadership articles showcasing the Transition Hub way, entitled 'A World In Transition: Insights from Transition Hub'. Stay tuned via our LinkedIn page as we offer a range of tips and strategies to help you navigate this ever changing work landscape. As we emerge from Covid-19, it's absolutely clear that Transition Hub will be more necessary than we’d ever imagined, playing a key role for businesses that are reforming, individuals who are transforming, and governments seeking to connect people to employment once again. After months of isolation, Transition Hub will guide people through a shared experience that will help them unlock creativity, embrace new opportunities and build the positive mindset needed to reimagine their future. So, until we meet again, feel free to reach out if we can help in any way. Stay safe and well! Louise and Karen #transitionhub #reimagineyourfuture #futureofwork #careertransition #change #aworldintransition


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