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A World in Transition: Insights from Transition Hub - Authentic Leadership

In these times of global change and uncertainty, personal growth has never been more vital.

As we prepare for unprecedented levels of disruption, technological advancement, and  navigate our way through the current health and economic crisis, we are required to bring more of ourselves to the table. Adaptability, mental resilience, personal leadership and empathy are just a few of the skills needed to cope in this volatile environment.

An important part of personal growth, is developing self-awareness about who you are and what you stand for.

Self-awareness is your guide to authentic leadership.

Authentic leadership is a necessary requirement in our modern world. To clarify, a leader is not only a C-suite executive, or a company founder. We are all leaders in different ways. You may be a leader in your family, your team, or your community.

Bringing your whole self into your work leads to better connections with your colleagues as well as enhanced wellbeing. Authentic leaders are admired by their teams and create a valuable impact in humanising the workplace.

What does authenticity actually mean though? One definition of authenticity according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary is ‘being true to one’s own personality, spirit or character’.

The next question is how do we cultivate authenticity?

During my training as a wellbeing coach at Transition Hub, we did a useful exercise that helped me to improve my own sense of authenticity and self-awareness.

This reflective exercise supported me to connect the dots in my life and examine the values, experiences and qualities that have shaped me to become the person I am today.

We were asked to reflect on parts of our lives growing up, as children, teenagers and into our present selves. Reflection and enquiry are essential parts of developing self-awareness. Once we become more mindful and connect with our values and unique qualities, it becomes easier to craft a future that is aligned with who we are and how we want to serve.

Below are some reflection questions for you to support you in developing authenticity:

1.     Which qualities from your childhood became your strengths?

2.     What came naturally to you as a child?

3.     What did you think you would become when you grew up?

4.     What inspires you today?

5.     What is the legacy you want to create?

After reflecting on your responses, I invite you to consider how you might build on the foundation of who you have always been and what you stand for today, to craft a fulfilling life and career.

Personal growth is an ongoing journey and self-awareness is the first step towards becoming an authentic leader in your family, community or workplace.

Ultimately, you are the leader of your life.

Coach & author bio: Jon Unal is an experienced mindfulness trainer, Transition Hub Wellbeing coach, mindset & performance coach and psychotherapist, who supports organisations to enhance employee wellness and engagement.


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