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A World in Transition: Insights from Transition Hub - Bringing Out the Best in You

Very rarely do we spend time thinking about how we are perceived. We might worry about what people think, but it is quite different actually articulating how we believe we are perceived by others.

I know this, because over many years of coaching people to discover the power of their presence, we have had the chance to ask the question, many times, in many countries, with many people.

How do you think you are perceived?

Interestingly, within just a few moments, most people can say how they think others would describe them. In fact, it is so consistent that people notice that those who meet them for the first time, seem to perceive them in the same way as those who have known them for a while.

So, what does that tell us? 

Seemingly, we create an impact on others very quickly, even if we are not conscious of the impression we are making.

The next question we ask is, how you do want to be perceived? In other words, what is your desired perception?

Quite quickly, people can think of some positive qualities they know they have, but often, don’t bring out. These are generally achievable, rarely complex, and most of the time their desired perception describes a more confident version of their existing perception.


Finally, a third question. What strategies can you think of, that will help you achieve your desired perception? Most people can easily note down a few ideas that they know will move them to a more confident place, both personally, and in the eyes of others. Perhaps things like proper stance, listening more, or speaking up, which would make a real difference, but are often overlooked, not surprisingly.

What is nice about this activity is that with three simple questions, clarity emerges. Yes, we may acknowledge a gap between existing and desired perception, but importantly, we come to the realisation that the responsibility for the impact we have on others is entirely ours.

This moment is often a real turning point for people who are attending a Transition Hub week.

Just halfway through the first morning, people begin to see their potential for bringing out the best in themselves.

With so much support and time to put this reflection into action, we see people realise their potential and go on to achieve their desired perception.

Director & author bio: Co-director of Transition Hub, and leading our client partnerships globally, Louise is a sought-after speaker and advocate for holistic transition into the future of work.

As a co-founder and Director of Transition Hub, Louise is passionate about what can be achieved when we work collectively to transform the workforce of tomorrow.


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