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A World in Transition: Insights from Transition Hub - Developing Authentic Physical Presence

When it comes to quick wins in terms of building our personal brand – physical presence is right at the top of the list.

The research is overwhelmingly in favour of the notion that our non-verbals govern how other people think and feel about us and even how we think and feel about ourselves.

As soon as we meet someone our brain starts to notice their physical presence, forming an impression about them and ultimately how much we trust them. A lifted chest, an open smile and appropriate eye contact go a long way to making a positive impression on whomever we meet. These signs also send feedback to our own brain making us more confident and relaxed!

Whilst we always want to remain authentic with who we are, there are a few general tips that we can all use to create a strong physical presence.

Some easy ideas to put into action:

  • Where the head goes, the body will follow so keep your gaze lifted and your chin slightly tucked – activating your deep neck muscles  

  • Lift your chest by imagining that you have a string from the crown of your head pulling you towards the ceiling

  • Find a neutral position with your lower back

  • Place your feet shoulder width apart, with relaxed knees

  • When sitting, maintain energy in your body and keep your body language open 

  • A confident walk suggests purpose, so practice moving with good posture and a long stride

One thing that is certain is that physical presence does not rely on stature. No matter what height you are, good physical presence will increase your personal influence and impact.

So, the next time you are meeting someone, virtually or otherwise, take a moment check your physical presence. Are you sitting or standing with good alignment, are you present and engaged and finally, is your facial expression welcoming and your eyes smiling?

For more great info be sure to check out Amy Cuddy’s legendary TED talk on the topic here:

Cian Mc Enroe is a Transition Hub Personal Branch coach, and he leverages his background as a psychotherapist and leadership consultant to help people develop a strong personal brand. He describes his TH experience as “a major positive turning point in his career.”


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