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A World in Transition: Insights from Transition Hub - Getting Set

One of our dynamic and grounded well-being coaches is o bring ensemble teams of experts together to activate new experiences and thinking with our cohorts. Now is the time to make transition the most interesting and creative time of development and learning for everyone who is transforming and reimagining.

One of our dynamic and grounded well-being coaches is Jaime Laird, a yoga teacher, who comes to her craft from an interior design background, with an entrepreneurial spirit. You can see the presence and generosity that Jaime brings to Transition Hub cohorts, through her short video that she has filmed especially for this series.

Jaime’s work comes to life during the morning ‘get set’ sessions, and is reinforced throughout each day as we constantly weave in reminders of wellness, self-care and psychological safety. Please enjoy another crucial element of Transition Hub, Reimagine Your Future week.

Coach & author bio: Jaime Laird is a Transition Hub Wellbeing coach, and draws on her experience as a corporate yoga and meditation teacher, offering mindfulness training to improve overall health, energy and engagement. 


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