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A World in Transition: Insights from Transition Hub - Mind Body Flow

During times of change - as we’ve all experienced recently - one of the first things to drop off is our wellbeing routine - this might be our 15 minutes of meditation before work, eating mindfully for maintaining our energy or making time for the gym (or even a simple walk). 

Mind Body Flow is a bespoke, gentle movement session that I designed specifically for Transition Hub, and in many ways, the MBF program (which starts mornings 2-5 of the complete Foundation Week) is a reflection of the greater experience. 

The 45-minutes we allocated for this session had to be highly effective, whilst ensuring that all participants were catered for. I wanted to equip the cohort with real physical skills that they could use immediately to improve their health, wellbeing and resilience capabilities, both during the week, but more importantly, throughout the rest of their lives. 

Skills that anyone can return to time and time again as a base for recalibrating their mind and body. 

WeWork provides the perfect backdrop for the class each morning. Fully curated with music, aromatherapy, nutrition, lighting and visuals, Mind Body Flow incorporates progressive elements of stretch therapy, yoga, mindfulness and meditation - without explicitly saying so. Simply put, it’s approachable, it’s peaceful, and the techniques learnt can be used for the rest of one’s life. 

Practised consistently, Mind Body Flow aims to counteract some of the seemingly inevitable negative consequences (both physical and mental) of living and working across the many careers of our personal and professional lives. This gives our cohorts the space to reflect on their learnings with the greater Transition Hub team across the week.

Louise Watts, Karen Thomas and the extended team of expert coaches all recognise the importance of taking control of your health, and that during times of uncertainty or transition, this is often what falls to the wayside. The week-long ‘Reimagine Your Future’ program is underpinned by a holistic approach to wellbeing, the cornerstone of successful transition - whether it be to a new role, starting your own business, exiting an organisation or returning to work as a parent.

Even with over 10 years in the fitness industry, it was certainly a welcome challenge when I was invited by Louise and Karen to deliver the inaugural MBF classes for Transition Hub, which included none other than a current Olympic contender, a former Captain of the Wallabies, industry leaders and everyone in between - how does one create an inclusive class that engages, gently challenges and invigorates such a variety of people with so many different backgrounds?

I am pleased to say the feedback has been extraordinarily positive. I so enjoy seeing everyone come together to unwind, to breathe and most importantly, to reconnect with their health and wellbeing. It’s such a lovely way to set the tone, and to build on the cohesive group dynamics, friendships and connectedness that have been forged since Day 1.

Coach & author bio: Ben Saravia is a Transition Hub Wellbeing coach and documentary producer with over 10 years industry experience in health and resilience. He is the creator of Transition Hub's signature movement session, MindBodyFlow.


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