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A World in Transition: Insights from Transition Hub - Presence on Camera

Feeling like your Zoom presence is a little lack-lustre? The rapid transition to online communication took us all by surprise, but now that it is our new way of life, it’s important to ‘show up’ in a way that represents you well. Whether a group Zoom call, job interview or pre-recorded video direct to camera, a few key skills can make all the difference.

As part of our ‘Reimagine Your Future’ program we help you build confidence in this new communication medium. Today, Transition Hub Communication Coach, Mo (Simon) MacRae shares his creative talent and expertise as a film-maker and executive coach to help you maximise your personal impact in the virtual world.

Simon is a commercial film director with over 25 years experience and a Transition Hub Communmication Coach. He delivers keynotes and training to help creative professionals communicate authentically and get their ideas on screen. #transitionhub#videoskills#wfh#zoom#presence#transition#futureofwork


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