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A World in Transition: Insights from Transition Hub - Presentation Skills

For over 15 years, High Performance Coaching has brought together an incredible group of women, who bring their skills, purpose and collective energy to our global clients which include Citi (since 2003) to Bundanon Trust (as of last week) and many organisations in between.

As an actor, a voice artist, writer and director, Alyson Standen has a Master’s Degree in Organisational Behaviour and an incredible set of performance skills. Fast forward to today and you can imagine the extensive contribution that Alyson has made to thousands of people around the world.

This week, Alyson has been working with a cohort of brilliant young women at Citi India, delivering our Asia-wide program, ‘EDGE for AVP Women at Citi’ via Zoom with another one of our dynamic HPC coaches, Aimee Foster.

Today, Alyson brings you a snapshot of her presentation skills tips delivered with her signature style! Transition Hub is our inspirational development accelerator which is completely changing the transition experience for professionals in every industry.

Coach & author bio: Alyson is a film director, professional actress and executive coach with a background in voice and theatre, working with our Performance and Communication coaches to enhance their presence, including physical and vocal energy and presentation skills.


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