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A World in Transition: Insights from Transition Hub - Presenting with Impact

Many things have changed in our working lives in recent times, but one thing has remained constant and that is our desire to present with impact.

Knowing how to bring focus, connect with an audience and create a compelling argument are universal skills that we all need to master if we are to create impact both in-person and online.

As coaches, our role is to help others develop the confidence to communicate with passion, energy, and authenticity. Everything we work on throughout our 5-day ‘Reimagine Your Future’ program leads up to a finalé moment when people truly find their voice to speak with confidence, clarity and conviction.

With mindset being a core focus throughout our foundation week, presenting with impact represents such a positive transition in action. It always feels like a great achievement by the end of the week.

At Transition Hub, we work on 5 core skills to enhance presentation impact:

1.      Be clear on your objective. Specifically, are you seeking to inform, persuade or motivate your audience? What do you want them to think, feel or do as a result of your presentation?

2.      Know your audience. Who are your key decision makers? What is their communication style? What is their level of understanding? What are their key motivations or hot buttons? These are just some of the questions to consider when tailoring your message for your audience.

3.      Craft your message. Including everything you know about a topic or overwhelming your audience with facts and statistics in an attempt to convince is not impactful. At Transition Hub, we use a message map framework to help people map out their big picture content themes in under 10 mins.

4.      Structure for clarity. Planning the order of your delivery will ensure you build a persuasive business case and rehearsing helps you stay on time. A successful presentation typically includes: Opening remarks, agenda, body, summary and conclusion. Having a clear structure keeps both you and the audience on track.

5.      Deliver with confidence. Impactful presentations are memorable because of the way they are delivered. Used well, physical presence, vocal energy and eye contact create an authentic and confident impression. Developing personal skills for professional impact is a key focus of our daily curriculum.

Whether you are seeking to present with impact during a career conversation, job interview, Zoom call or seminar, it is all about bringing trust and confidence to your audience.

We love seeing the shift in self-belief, change in body language and authentic connection people achieve by the final day. It’s exciting to watch and the power of performance stays with people long after this special week is over.

Simple things done well. That is presenting with impact.

Director & author bio: A gifted writer, facilitator and coach, Karen Thomas works with our clients to develop global transformation programs, crafting meaningful messages into positive training experiences. As a co-founder and Director of Transition Hub, Karen has created our signature playbook and coach training methodology.


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