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A World in Transition: Insights from Transition Hub - The Power of Possibility

If there ever was a time to explore your Power of Possibility, that time is now.

For those of you who’ve been following this series, we are highlighting every activity that is woven into Transition Hub’s, Reimagine Your Future Week, and you may be surprised to know that we are just at the end of day 2. The whole development week is crafted to nurture people to a place of confidence and as one’s confidence grows, so does the freedom to think big.

If you were fortunate enough to be brought up in a household where someone said to you, ‘you could do anything you put your mind to’, you may remember that feeling of unconditional belief in your ability to think it, believe it and do it. 

At Transition Hub, we have recreated the opportunity to feel that reinforcement, as your cohort becomes your brains trust, your support team, and your strategy squad all at once. This, however, kicks in when you grant yourself permission to fill in the dots… If I could, I would.

Right now, we need to think big. And what I mean by thinking big, is thinking free, recognising your strengths, your values, and the skills that bring you joy.

Then add the context, what is your purpose? What steps might you need to put in place, to move towards your purpose, considering the impact you want to make? Initial steps might include researching the companies that align with your purpose, working out if you need additional skills, and who does something similar, that could you talk to?

I remember many years ago, I had to dig deep to realise the power of my potential, to get a start in what we now know of, as executive presence coaching. I thought to myself, who is doing something, that I see myself doing? I had a clear vision and I wanted to test it with someone who I thought could give it a good reality check.

I came up with the person. Someone, I had only read about and I wasn’t sure they would even take my call. But they did and they invited me to come and meet with them. I now look back at that meeting and what happened next, and I realise it was the result of having a well thought through idea. I could explain it, I was passionate about it and I knew when the time was right, in the evolution of a company, to apply it. Within 20 minutes of sitting down with this person, she picked up the phone and called a colleague in a competitor organisation. She said, do you have someone over there who does what I do? The response was, no, but we really need someone. And the person I was sitting opposite said, well stop looking, I’ve found your person.

It can happen that way, I learned back then. What began as a fearful call, turned into a 10-year contract, from which many other contracts were landed, but it started with a very clear idea and the belief someone showed in me.

Fast forward several years and it’s time to make that happen at scale. We need to create new roles that humans do best, we need to find new opportunities to gain the satisfaction that comes with doing purposeful work and we need to play a part in helping other people move forward.

But for any of that to happen, its time to do the work. Put your thinking caps on, see yourself clearly and see what your future could look like. Connecting your strengths, your values and your skills is a great place to start, and at Transition Hub, Reimagine Your Future Week, you’ll still have another 3 days, surrounded by interesting people, who are willing to become your support team, and for you to become theirs.

The Power of Possibility starts with you, and now is the time to think it, believe it and do it.

Director & author bio: Leading our client partnerships globally, Louise Watts is a sought-after speaker and advocate for holistic transition into the future of work. As a co-founder and Director of Transition Hub, Louise is passionate about what can be achieved when we work collectively to transform the workforce of tomorrow.


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