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A World in Transition: Insights from Transition Hub - Thinking On Your Feet

Transitioning to the new work reality? You need to learn to improvise.

What would you do if a lightbulb blew up in your face in the middle of a webinar? Yes, this actually happened to me - and thanks to Transition Hub, I was able to recognise that the only thing I could do was improvise. Here’s why improvisation matters more than ever in the current work climate, and how Transition Hub changed my approach to my LinkedIn presentations.

Why improvisation matters

We’ve all faced unprecedented work challenges in recent times. The work landscape now looks vastly different than it did even a few months ago, and the future is uncertain.

The simple reality is that some of us are facing changes in our job roles, the places where we work, the companies we work for, or even our entire careers. Learning to improvise is key to a better understanding of yourself and others, and it gives you the mindset of flexibility to navigate all the changes and challenges your career can throw at you.

How I learned to improvise

As a LinkedIn coach, I have been presenting in front of audiences since 2014. As an extrovert who loves the energy of an in-person audience, it never occurred to me that one day I would have to deliver my sessions online. I certainly didn’t expect a lightbulb to explode right in front of my face while I was conducting a webinar, or that I would have to present online in my dressing gown with dripping wet hair due to a mix-up. True story! But, because I had learned how to improvise, I knew to laugh at myself, accept the situation and trust that I could get through it. This creates a stronger connection with your audience - we’re all human, and our mistakes give us common ground.

I never used to improvise. I practiced my presentations over and over again, rigidly sticking to a script. But this all changed when Transition Hub asked me to deliver a unit about crafting winning LinkedIn profiles, and in return, they let me take their immersive ‘Reimagine Your Future’ program, which they also deliver online these days.

Transition Hub isn’t like other career transition services. It isn’t just about trying to get another job. Instead, it teaches you the essential skills you need whether you’re in traditional employment, setting up your own business or side hustle, or working in the gig economy.

Designed by professional stage performers it has improvisation at its heart - because flexibility and adaptability are crucial everywhere.

Why you should consider Transition Hub

Thanks to the course, I was able to survive situations in recent months that could have been a disaster. I kept my sense of humour, thought on my feet, and still managed to give the audience all the information they needed.

Transition Hub is paid for by corporations who are making people’s roles redundant or transitioning people to new positions within their organisation. It really is worth sponsoring your staff to attend the course. Because in these times, we all need to help each other out and give each other the tools we need to thrive in this unusual new work landscape.

Expert & author bio: With 14 years of experience as a recruiter, Karen Tisdell is our resident LinkedIn expert, who guides people to best utilise their online presence to meaningfully engage with their network and establish their personal brand.


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