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A World in Transition: Insights from Transition Hub - Knowing Your Strengths

No one can argue that these are unprecedented times. This, combined with the unpredictability of what lies ahead, is a formula for stress, fear and for most of us, unforeseen transition.

In a short period of time, we have all been forced into a new way of living and working. The question is, what can we be doing to best support ourselves in this new world?

The importance of accurate and reliable data has been highlighted recently, as our communities attempt to limit the physical, economic and emotional destruction currently threatening our lives. Gathering as much reliable data as possible is crucial to our collective survival.

The same approach is essential when it comes to determining our personal futures. As individuals, we need useful and reliable data about ourselves to make the best and most informed decisions relating to our career paths, wellbeing and productivity. The more we know about what makes us tick, the more clarity we have to choose our best next steps. The adage that ‘knowledge is power’ is never truer than when it comes to the self.

Transition Hub is a world-renowned personal development accelerator with its uniqueness anchored in the values of community, collaboration and creativity. During Transition Hub training programs, the key outcome of clarity and direction is achieved through self-awareness and personal development. Individual’s experience both a personal and collective journey, as they deep-dive into their natural talents and strengths.

Transition Hub conducted their own extensive research of various self-assessment tools and identified Gallup’s CliftonStrengths as a must have tool in their transition toolbox. Researchers at Gallup have studied the science of strengths for over 40 years and popularity of the tool cannot be ignored with over 23 million people having completed the assessment. Gallup is an excellent method for participants to gather useful data about themselves.

Every participant who completes Transition Hub’s Foundation Week completes the Gallup Strengths Assessment, so they can deepen their understanding of what makes them effective. This data, in the form of a summary of each participant’s natural talents, is then explored via a group strengths exploration circle and tailored strengths coaching session.

Strengths development is crucial for transition management. It makes sense that if we have a clearer understanding of what we are naturally good at then we can intentionally pursue more suitable paths that embrace our talents. It allows us all to make more informed and therefore better decisions for our future. It is also the key to greater happiness at work.

In order to best support ourselves in this new world and increase productivity and wellbeing, it is crucial we obtain our own accurate data on ourselves. Strengths development is an excellent strategy to achieve this. Start your strengths data collection and exploration journey with us now.

Coach & author bio: Selina Baxby is our expert strengths coach, specialising in talent identification and strengths development. Selina works with our Strengths coaching team to integrate strengths, wellbeing and personal change into the Transition Hub experience.


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